Homeless Resources & Services

The City of Lynwood continues to dedicate itself to combating homelessness, especially with the increases in persons experiencing homelessness within the City, county and state. By working with agencies, and local groups, the City of Lynwood will effectively address homelessness, and improve the overall quality of life for all, by implementing action-oriented solutions.

Homeless Plan

Homelessness has increased across the Nation, the State of California, and Los Angeles County and the City of Lynwood between 2016 and 2020. In response to dramatic increases in homelessness, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors created the Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative (HI) in 2016. Developed through a collaborative process with community and government partners, the HI is a collection of strategies, created to forge effective partnerships and get real results in reducing homelessness. The County committed an initial $100 million to launch these strategies.

In March 2017, voters approved Measure H, the landmark ¼% sales tax increase to provide an ongoing revenue stream - an estimated $355 million per year for 10 years - to fund services, rental subsidies and housing. It is designed to fund a comprehensive regional approach to:

  • Prevent homelessness
  • Subsidize housing
  • Increase income
  • Provide case management and services
  • Create a coordinated system and
  • Increase affordable and homeless housing

On June 13, 2017, the Board allocated $2,500,000 in one-time funding from the County General fund to support coordination efforts of the Councils of Governments and planning efforts for cities in the Los Angeles Continuum of Care. The City of Lynwood did not create a homeless plan during that funding cycle. On September 4, 2018, the Board approved $9 million in funding to implement components of the cities' homelessness plans. Only those cities that submitted plans adopted by their City Councils were eligible to apply for this funding.

The Gateway Cities Council of Governments (GCCOG) convenes member cities to develop collaborative strategies around common regional issues, including homelessness. The City of Lynwood is an active member of the GCCOG. Annual funding from the County is awarded to GCCOG to provide programs to assist people experiencing homelessness in the Service Planning Area (SPA) 7 region. In February 2020, $2,057,235 in Measure H funds was awarded to the GCCOG. The GCCOG used a portion of these funds to retain a consultant (Cicco Solutions) to assist cities in the region with the creation of Homelessness Plans. The GCCOG has offered Cicco Solutions to assist the City with the creation of a Homelessness Plan for Lynwood


A Homelessness Plan would benefit the City, as it would better inform and guide the City's homeless strategy, strengthen partnerships, coordinate resources, and open the City to wider funding opportunities. The development of the Homelessness Plan would occur over a four-month period, which will include a City Council Vision meeting, three community input meetings and the development of priorities and strategies that will develop the framework for the City's plan. The input sessions and meetings will be essential to identifying goals and outcomes that is important to City that will guide action plans and implementation strategies.

Project Plan

June 28 to July 12
  • Review City documents and plans (i.e., past and current Fair Housing and 5-year Consolidated Plan).
  • Review and complete project plan with critical components and timeline.
  • Prepare for City Council Presentation. Set dates for Community Input Sessions.
Week of July 12
  • Send notices for Community Input sessions.
  • Send documents needed for the City Council Visioning Session.
July 20
  • City Council presentation on homeless planning process.
July 21
  • Homeless Site visit by Consultant to City of Lynwood.
July 27
  • Presentation and meeting with the Planning Commission.
July 28
  • Meet with Citizen Advisory Committee
August 12, 14 and 18
  • Virtual Community Input Sessions
September 1
  • Presentation and meeting with CDBG Advisory Board.
September 6
  • Review summaries, findings and draft recommendations for the City Homeless Plan.
September 9
  • City of Lynwood Community Input Session - in Person.
September 13
  • Consultant to submit draft homeless plan for review.
September 21
  • Present draft recommendations to City Council.
September 30
  • Submit final homeless plan to City of Lynwood.
October 19 to November 1
  • Final adoption of the homeless plan.

Homeless Plan Input Survey

In an effort to be more responsive to those concerns and to develop ways to assist with this ongoing issue, the City is gathering community feedback. Input provided in this online survey will be reviewed as part of developing a Homeless Plan for the City of Lynwood.

The City of Lynwood appreciates your time in taking this short survey, as we continue efforts to ensure public safety while also respecting the rights of persons experiencing homelessness and adhering to state and federal laws.

Homelessness Resources

Access our Homelessness Resources Directory for additional resources for persons experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness.

Disclaimer: the City of Lynwood has compiled this directory as an informational resource for the community. While every effort was made to ensure accuracy, the City shall not be held responsible for any errors or omissions. Updated August 2021.