Cannabis Cultivation & Manufacturing Operations

Notice: The city is not accepting cannabis applications at this time.

Application Procedure to Operate a Commercial Cannabis Business in Lynwood

In order to be considered, each new application must be complete and must be accompanied by:

  • All required fees
  • Photographs
  • Other information to conduct background checks

Each application must include evidence that the applicant has an interest (either leasehold or ownership) in the property where the use is contemplated. All potential applicants are urged to review Title 4-34 of the Lynwood Municipal Code, as adopted by the City Council in Ordinance 1688, for further requirements bearing on the application process. The absence of any required component in the application, or the failure to meet any requirement, shall be grounds for rejection of the application. Fees are non-refundable.

Please disregard any references in the applicable applications and/or forms to deadlines that are not on or before 6 pm on November 8, 2017. City staff will continue to review the applicable applications and forms for any necessary corrections. Please note that it shall be the responsibility of the applicant to continue to check the City's website for any updated information to the application process and/or corrections to the applicable applications and forms. [October 25, 2017].

Any questions or concerns concerning the commercial cannabis business permit application shall be directed to Gabriel Linares at 310-603-0220, or by email for more information.