Planning Division


Effective immediately, the Planning Division will no longer be accepting personal or company checks for payment of fees.


The Planning Division is responsible for current and advance planning activities and the implementation of the Lynwood General Plan and the City's zoning ordinance. The Planning Division processes, prepares, and presents discretionary project reviews and recommendations including:

  • General Plan Amendments
  • Zone Changes
  • Conditional Use Permits
  • Specific Plans
  • Variances
  • Zoning Ordinance Amendments
  • Subdivisions

The Planning Division processes administrative applications to include:

  • Site plan reviews
  • Sign permits
  • Fence permits
  • Minor development projects
  • Business license zoning approval
  • Home occupation permits
  • Child care facilities
  • Color reviews
  • Other development proposals

Staff also prepares and provides reports and recommendations to the Lynwood Planning Commission and/or to the City Council.

ADU Information:

New ADU Laws:

The State of California approves new ADU regulations almost every year, please refer to the handout below for information about the new laws in effect in 2023. Be advised the City follows these changes, and all updates.
New ADU Laws (PDF)

ADU Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Please refer to the FAQ handout below for a concise summary of ADU’s:
ADU Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

ADU Ordinance Summary:

ADU Ordinance Summary (PDF)

Municipal Code Information:

Please refer to our Municipal Code website