New Hire Page

Form W-4 - All New Hires

  1. Full-Time
  2. Part-Time
  1. Acceptance of Gifts and Donations - Ordinance (PDF)
  2. Anti-Fraud Policy (PDF)
  3. Anti-Harassment and Complaint Investigation Policy (PDF)
  4. Bio-Metric Policy (PDF)
  5. CalPERS Reciprocal Self-Certification (PDF)
  6. Carry Over Unused Time-Sick Memo (PDF)
  7. City of Lynwood Full-Time Acknowledgement Form (PDF)
  8. COVID-19 Prevention Program Policy (CPP) (PDF)
  9. Direct-Deposit-Revised-9-2022-Fillable
  10. Disaster Service Worker (PDF)
  11. Disaster Service Workers Memo and FAQ (PDF)
  12. DMV Release (PDF)
  13. Dress Code Policy (PDF)
  14. Drug and Alcohol DOT-FMCSA Policy (PDF)
  15. Emergency Action Plan (PDF)
  16. Emergency Contact (PDF)
  17. Employee Handbook (PDF)
  18. Employee Identification Badge Policy (PDF)
  19. Flex Work Schedule to Attend School Policy (PDF)
  20. Global Positions System GPS and Video System in City Vehicles Policy (PDF)
  21. Guidelines for Employees Regarding Electioneering Memo (PDF)
  22. I-9 (PDF)
  23. Information Technology Policy (PDF)
  24. Injury and Illness Prevention Program (PDF)
  25. Lactation Accommodation Policy (PDF)
  26. Normal Work Week Compensation Policy (PDF)
  27. Orientation Checklist (PDF)
  28. Outside Employment Policy (PDF)
  29. Personnel File Inspection Policy (PDF)
  30. Personnel Rules Section I to VIII (PDF)
  31. Personnel Rules Sections IX to End (PDF)
  32. Petty Cash Policy (PDF)
  33. Professional Conduct Policy (PDF)
  34. Safe Return to Work (COVID-19) Policy (PDF)
  35. Safety and Health Policy Handbook (PDF)
  36. Salary Setting Policy (PDF)
  37. Social Media Policy (PDF)
  38. Social Security Form SSA-1945 (PDF)
  39. Step Placement Policy (PDF)
  40. Substance Abuse Policy (PDF)
  41. Trainee Policy (PDF)
  42. Transfer of Leave Catastrophic Leave Policy (PDF)
  43. Tuition Reimbursement Policy (PDF)
  44. Vaccination Status Verification (PDF)
  45. Vehicle Use Policy (Only if Position Requires) (PDF)
  46. Violence Free Workplace Policy (PDF)
  47. Work Hours and Use of Leaves Memo (PDF)
  48. Workers Compensation - Time of Hire Pamphlet (PDF)