Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste Management

All Permitted Structures - the City of Lynwood requires that all commercial and some residential construction, demolition, or remodeling projects recycle or reuse at least 65% of the materials that leave the project site.

After submitting your application for a building permit, you must complete a Waste Management Plan (WMP), demonstrating how you will recycle a minimum of 65% of the construction waste generated from your project and submit the WMP form to Public Works, Engineering Division. The WMP form is available at the Building Permit counter, Public Works Yard, and/or the City's website.

To learn more about the C&D application process please download:

Waste Resources

The City of Lynwood has an Exclusive Franchise Agreement with Waste Resources to collect all solid waste generated within City limits. For more information regarding hauling services please download the Waste Resources Construction and Demolition Flyer (PDF).