Assembly Bill AB 827

AB 827 amended AB 341 and AB 1826.

AB 827 is intended to educate and involve consumers in achieving the state's recycling goals by requiring businesses subject to mandatory commercial recycling (MCR) and/or more to make recycling and/or organic recycling bins available to customers. This law targets businesses that sell products meant for immediate consumption. AB 827 states that businesses that generate 4 cubic yards or more of commercial solid waste must provide their customers with recycling containers that are visible, accessible, and adjacent to each trash container. Details on full-service restaurants versus other types of food establishments are included since full-service restaurants do not have to provide properly labeled containers for patrons, but must provide properly labeled next to trash containers for employees to separate recyclables and organics for customers.

For more information, view the Customer Access to Recycling (AB 827). Examples of large and small labels made by CalRecycle can be used for compliance. For any other information, please go to the CalRecycle website.