New Retail Cannabis Business Operation

Please use the attached forms/documents that will be uploaded to this Site on Monday November 21, 2022

Notice: The City of Lynwood will be accepting Retail Cannabis applications until 5 PM on  December 20, 2022.  No applications will be accepted after this time and date.  All applications have to be date stamped by the City Clerk prior to 5 PM on December 20, 2022.  All required application items, as detailed in Ordinance 1751 must be included in a sealed container clearly noting the name of entity applying in clear concise verbiage on the cover of the container.  

General Application Procedure to Operate a Commercial Cannabis Business in Lynwood

In order to be considered, each new application must be complete and must be accompanied by:

  • Completed Commercial Retail Cannabis Business Permit Application
  • All required fees – Cashier Checks, Money orders, Certified Check
  • All Fifteen (15) minimum Application requirements, including but not limited to:
    1. Payment of non-refundable application fee $16,050.00 (4-35.7 c. 1.)
    2. Sufficient evidence of legal right to use proposed property for proposed use (4-35.7 c. 2.)
    3. Zoning Certification Letter providing sufficient evidence that proposed property complies with location/zoning requirement (4-35.7 c. 3.)
    4. Proof of funds ($1,000,000) liquid assets (4-35.7 c. 4.)
    5. Set of plans (site development; floor plan; building elevations (all 4 sides); conceptual landscape (4-35.7c. 5.)
    6. Set of colored interior and elevation renderings (4-35.7 c. 6.)
    7. Copy of complete background check application and receipt for each owner and manager (4-35.7 c. 7.)
    8. Qualifications of the Applicant’s owner and managers (4.35.8 d. 1.)
      • Additionally, Applicant must provide copies of its corporate documents, including operating agreements and bylaws indicating legal ownership of the applicant.
    9. Plans, renderings, and overall location (4.35.8 d. 2.)
    10. Business and operations plan (4.35.8 d. 3.)
    11. Security plan (4.35.8 d. 4.)
    12. Safety plan (4.35.8 d. 5.)
    13. Neighborhood compatibility plan (4.35.8 d. 6.)
    14. Community benefits plan (4.35.8 d. 7.)
    15. Labor and Employment plan (4.35.8 d. 8.)

Each application must include evidence that the applicant has an interest (either leasehold or ownership) in the property where the retail use is contemplated. All potential applicants are urged to review Title 4-35 of the Lynwood Municipal Code, as adopted by the City Council in Ordinance 1751, for complete requirements bearing on the application process. The absence of any required component in the application, or the failure to meet any requirement, shall be grounds for rejection of the application. Fees are non-refundable.

The application deadline is on Tuesday December 20, 2022 at 5pm. Applications must be delivered  in person at the City Clerks office, located at 11330 Bullis Road, Lynwood Ca 90262. All applications submittals shall be time and date stamped by the City Clerk and include separate cashier checks for the Application fees .  City staff will  review the timely received  applications and forms as required in Ordinance 1751. Please note that it shall be the responsibility of the applicant to continue to check the City's website for any updated information regarding  the application process and/or corrections to the applicable applications and forms.  A Question & Answer meeting will be scheduled Monday, November 28, 2022 at Bateman Hall Room 2, location; 11331 Ernestine Avenue, Lynwood, CA. Start time is 5pm and scheduled end time 7pm.   

Any questions or concerns concerning the commercial retail cannabis business permit application shall be directed to Gabriel Linares, Community Development Director at 310-603-0220, or by email at for more information.

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Application forms will be available on Monday, November 21, 2022