Do I need to submit documents? Pictures? Reports? Diagrams?

Please include all information which describes and supports your claims. This may include pictures, diagrams, medical records, invoices and police reports. These documents do not have to be submitted when you file your claim. You can submit supporting documents through the online portal or via email.

Please reference the claim number on the email subject line.

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1. What is a claim?
2. What are the time-frames for filing a claim?
3. Who is the City’s insurance company?
4. Do I need an attorney to file a claim?
5. Can city personnel fill out the form for me?
6. What do I do if the form does not have enough room for all of my information?
7. Do I need to submit documents? Pictures? Reports? Diagrams?
8. Will I be notified if information is missing from the form?
9. Does every page on the form need to be signed?
10. What if I received an error message submitting my claim online?
11. I am able to submit my claim, but unable to attach images, pictures, doctors notes, etc. What should I do?
12. Should I receive a claim number after a claim has been submitted?
13. What happens after my claim is filed?
14. How can I check the status of my claim?
15. When are claims paid?
16. Why was my claim denied?