How do I contest a parking citation?

Parking citations are handled through a civil process unless appealed to a criminal court. You may get details on the process by calling the Parking Enforcement Division at 310-603-0220, ext. 271.

The first element of the appeal is an Initial Review. This form must be submitted within 21 calendar days after the date of issuance. The Initial Review form can be processed via the City's website or received at the Public Safety Division counter between the hours of 7 am to 6 pm, Monday through Thursday. The form requires certain information about you and the citation, including a statement about your reason for contesting the citation.

The Public Safety Manager can conduct a brief review of a parking citation for validity. If there are errors which invalidate the citation, the citation can be voided, but this is NOT a determination of innocence or guilt. It is only a review to determine that the citation was legally issued.

If the citation is not voided, you may request a Hearing. To start the process, you need to complete the "Request for Administrative Hearing" form and post the bail for the citation. The form requires you to and select whether you want a "Hearing by Personal Appearance," which is a physical appearance at a Hearing presided over by a Hearing Examiner, or a "Hearing by Declaration," which is submitting your argument in writing for a decision by the Hearing Examiner.

The appearance option is a Hearing held by a Hearing Examiner who hears contested citations on a monthly basis. In that Hearing you can testify, have a witness testify, or present other evidence, such as photos. The Hearing Examiner can find you not liable or dismiss the ticket administratively. He or she can also find you liable, in which case the posted bail is forfeited. The other option is a "Hearing by Declaration" which allows you to submit a written argument to the Hearing Examiner, who then has the same options as with a live hearing. The decision of the Hearing Examiner is final unless you appeal the case to Los Angeles County Superior Court.

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1. How do I contest a parking citation?
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