How do I obtain release of an impounded vehicle?

Registered owners of impounded vehicles must FIRST obtain an impound release prior to going to the contract tow service storage facility. Releases can be obtained at City Hall during regular business for a fee of $125. If the impound occurred when City Hall is closed, the registered owner can remit their impound release payment to Century Sheriff Station, located at 11703 Alameda Street.

To obtain a release on a vehicle that has been impounded, the registered owner must provide a valid California driver's license, the proper registration for the vehicle and provide payment for any outstanding parking violations. If the registered owner does not have a valid California driver's license, he or she must bring two people with valid licenses to obtain a release.

With the impound release and receipt of payment in hand, the registered owner may go to the contract towing provider and remit the applicable towing and storage fees. Vehicles impounded by the Public Safety Division are able to be retrieved from Mr. C's Towing, located at:
4421 Mason Street
South Gate, CA 90280

Only the Registered Owner (RO) of a vehicle can obtain the impound release. If the RO is not available, (for example, out of town), he or she may mail or overnight a notarized letter designating a person to pick up the vehicle. Only the original of the notarized letter is acceptable, not copies or faxes. In the letter, the RO must be very specific as to who will be picking up the vehicle, along with a detailed description of the vehicle, itself (make, model, license plate number, etc.).

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